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Q: Where can I download Huminity 6-degree chat software?
A: You can download Huminity by clicking on the Download button at the top right side of the page.

Q: How do I install Huminity 6-degree chat software?
A: After downloading the software is completed, click the open button for instant installation, or open the directory were you saved the Huminity.exe file that you have just downloaded and double click it. This will launch the Huminity install wizard. If you can not find where you saved the file, open My Computer folder, press together the CTRL button and the letter "F" and type "Huminity". Windows will find the file for you, and when it does, simply double click on it, and from there you will be guided by our wizard.

Q: How do I un-install Huminity 6-degree chat software?
A: Press windows start button (on the bottom left corner of the screen), then program files, then locate Huminity program group. Select "Uninstall". This will launch the Huminity un-install wizard. We are sorry to see you go! :(

Q: Do I have to fill any forms?
A: Huminity has no forms. There are only 3 fields to fill. We don't like to fill long forms and therefore don't ask others to fill any.

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Q: Can I enter my information and/or perform a search in any language?
A: Huminity supports unicode and can be used in any language. You can search in any language, and also write your name or any text about yourself in any language… after all - Huminity is intended for everyone.

Q: Will you be adding more features to Huminity in future releases?
A: Of course. Many cutting edge tools are already being implemented for future versions. Huminity, while being highly advanced, also aims to be very simple in use and have users comfortable with their privacy.

Q: what does the icon beside people's name mean?
A: the star indicates that that person is online and that you can chat with him. If the person has no star beside his name, it means he is either off-line or wants to be seen only by his friends or not to be disturbed. The way to change between these statuses is by right-clicking the mouse button on top of the Huminity icon that resides in the tray on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Q: I like those maps of friends! How did you create them?

A: With the good help of the Internet community :)

The java maps were created by the incredible project of TouchGraph

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Q: How do I connect to the Huminity system?
A: Huminity will automatically connect you to the Huminity network upon startup.

Q: I Installed Huminity but still can't connect?
A: Make sure you are connected to the Internet and if using a firewall that Huminity has permission to access the Internet. If it still does not connect, try closing and opening Huminity again.

Q: I use a firewall, can I still use Huminity?
A: Of-course. You will need to authorize the Huminity software to access the Internet. If you are a system administrator and have a corporate firewall - Huminity works on ports: 8080, 80, 6670

Other answers can be found in Huminity help page .


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