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Huminity is an instant messaging chat software that combines in it full social networking capabilities. It can be installed on any Windows running PC.
After installing Huminity and creating a personal contact-tree, Huminity becomes your 6-degree chat software. You can navigate your global map of personal connections, have private chats and chat in chat rooms.

The contact-tree deisplays a person's social map (when the person is centered in the center). Navigating the map of connections is simple and intuitive. Clicking on a contact or a user twice will move them to the center of the map and create their web of connections around them. In this way, you can navigate from one person to the other and explore the magnificent uniqueness of people - social ties.

Change of color and shape differs people that are connected to other people from those that aren't. In this way, users can easily navigate their personal network of friends by simply clicking on one of the contacts. This forms a gigantic web like map of connections where people are connected to other directly or indirectly through mutual friends.

Searching for a Person is simple as searching the web through a common search engine. By using a search box (on the top-left side of the software), a user can search for a person by name, email or any keyword. When clicking on a search result, that person's contact-tree is presented. The search algorithm searches and retrieves results that match the user's query. For example the search query "John windsurfing USA" would result in a list of all users that are named John and wrote about themselves that they like windsurfing and live in the USA.

Searching a path between two people is one of the most exciting features in Huminity. Through the search path ability the user can search a path of friends between any two people that are included in Huminity, either as users or even as contacts of someone. In this way, a complete and authenticated web of connections can be created even when some pieces of the connections "puzzle" are missing. The search can also be performed between a person and any keyword (i.e. from the user to all the mechanics in London).

The easiest and most common search-path query is obviously between you and someone else. By pointing the mouse on the user that you wish to search a path to on a contact-tree, and small menu open's. In it is a feature "Search-Path". One click, and you will automatically be presented with the available paths. Nothing easier than that. You can also easily search a path of links to your chat-partner or to anyone in a chat-room by pressing the button on the bottom of he chat window.

The results of a search-path query are then presented, sorted by the number of nodes between the two people. Users can easily perform search-path queries even when they do not know the e-mail addresses of the people by selecting them as the destination right off the contact tree. Such functionality maintains adequate privacy of users without compromising the value achieved from the software.

Huminity's unique features are available in the multiple-user chat-rooms, as presented in the picture below. By pointing the mouse above anyone in the chat room , a pop-up bubble displays what that person wrote about himself. By pressing a button, the user is presented with that person's contact map, and another button automatically searches and presents all available paths from that person to you. You can also invite anyone to a private-chat that can run in parallel to the chat-room.

Such features enable you to enter a chat-room and instantly know who are the people in the room, what they wrote about themselves, their contacts, and the paths of acquaintances from you to anyone of them! These features are by far more advanced yet intuitive than in any chat-room, chat software or social networking site available on the web and it makes Huminity chat rooms the only chat rooms where even new participants feel part of the group!

Huminity has a built-in wizard that enables the user to choose his contacts from e-mail and Instant Messaging software that he uses on the computer (Outlook, Outlook-Express, Incredimail, Lotus, Pegasus, Eudora, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger) to help you instantly build your contact tree without having to manually type a single character!

Huminity will also automatically notify the friends that you have selected via a one-time e-mail that they are on you contact-tree, and that they are welcome to join and expand the network, or reply and be automatically removed, just like in any Instant Messenger.

Huminity automatically connects to the Huminity Network, it automatically disconnects when you do not touch the PC for 15 minutes, and it automatically re-connects when you return, just like any Instant Messenger. You can decide to be seen as on-line by everyone and will probably be invited to chat with people who find you interesting. Alternatively, you can decide to be seen as on-line only to your friends when you are in a less social mode ;), or stay hidden for everyone - someone has to work :).


Huminity is FREE!