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We take privacy issues very seriously. As a company that prides in being community friendly we have given great thought about protecting the privacy of our users and contacts. Among the steps we take:


  • Data kept is limited to contacts, names, e-mails and what you write about yourselves. Since this data is not more sensitive than the data contained by any regular e-mail that is sent and can be changed at any time, you have full control over what is presented. Be as private as you want!

  • When users uninstall the software, they can choose to delete their contact-tree from the Huminity Network, or preserve their contact-tree on-line for access from other PCs.

  • User's friends
  • Contacts’ e-mails remain confidential and can be viewed by no other user. Only the name of your friend is presented, and no one can see, copy or use your friends’ e-mails.

  • Contacts are sent a one-time e-mail telling them about Huminity. We see it as our obligation to notify contacts of their inclusion in the network and allow them at their own will to be de-listed or join your network. .

  • General
  • We don’t have spyware. We don’t like spyware.

  • We do not provide user or contact information to third parties.

  • For more details on our privacy policy, please see our License Agreement. Any questions or comments regarding privacy related issues should be directed to

    License Agreement


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