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Connecting Chat, Blogs and Social networking into the first Social Ecosystem!

Chat with people around the world!
- Chat with your friends.
- Chat with friends of your friends, or with
  people geographically near you.
- Chat with people in your groups or
  people that share the same interests as you.
- Make new friends.

Nothing more social than that!

- See your full social circle of friends
  interconnect on a visual map.
- Explore Huminity and learn how you are
  connected to people.

FREE Blog and group Blogs!
- Your FREE personal Blog!
- Upload as many pictures as you want.
- Easy to write any text in any language.
- Your own Internet guestbook.
- Open group Blogs!

Appear in Google and Yahoo!
Within 2-3 weeks, your blog webpage
and name will be in the top search results
when your friends search for your name
on the Internet. You are a celebrity!


Huminity is FREE!